Our Capabilities

We have produced many component driven projects for our clients. Many of whom needed very specialized mechanical solutions in order to provide testing of various electronic products. We have a full machine shop to create these solutions to very exacting standards out of many materials. We can provide CAD services to create a custom solution or use the clients requirements and CAD drawings to produce the final product. We have many machines at our disposal to create the specific item for your solution, from precision lathe to HAAS CNC machine and everything in-between.


Many of our clients need testing components to hold their P.C.B. boards in order to provide plug and play testing from one to multiple units. We can create from concept to final product for a stand alone or fully integrated execution. Many of the challenges we have over come have been to allow for multiple testing solutions for motherboard applications creating full array testing with a  plug and play approach.


We have created precision machined parts for various projects from metal, aluminum, polycarbonate, and resin based materials to name just a few. We engineer solutions to mate into existing framework and physical installations using precision measurement to ensure seamless integration.


We provide Rapid Prototyping in order to turn 3d CAD design into fully functional and testable proof of concept components prior to full blown manufactured production. Rapid Prototyping services are used in nearly every industry and can be used to prototype everything from a coffee cup to a sophisticated space exploration component. This is an important beginning of project development life-cycle step to verify product design and functionality.


We also engineer and machine many components to complete robotic fixtures for use in many applications from assembly line production equipment to medical and surgical equipment and testing environments. Our ability to engineer and think outside of the box for one off rapid prototypes allow us to stand apart from other service providers.


We have engineered many testing application devices for the cell phone industry as well. We have many devices that have been CAD designed, prototyped and machined in house to provide  innovative solutions allowing multiple unit testing of various devices from phone displays to batteries.


Many of our engineered CNC designs have been proving grounds for R.F. testing on head units allowing our clients to plug and play multiple devices for an array of testing to any array of multiple units undergoing the same battery of testing. This allows our clients to approach single unit testing in a massive scale saving many hours of loading and unloading hardware for the same array of tests.


Our ability to fabricate and custom tailor a solution for your application, testing requirement, cell phone and iPhone components, 3d CAD design solutions, testing hardware, R.C.B board layout, engineered mechanical design, complex wiring and wiring harnesses, proprietary and confidential design or applications set us apart from our competition.


We will engineer and create a custom solution to your specifications or execute a CNC prototype or full blown manufactured production based on your existing product or deign with speed, visualization, and the confidential discretion your company requires.


Call us today for your CAD, R.F., CNC machining, Mechanical fabrication, testing farm, P.C.B. board, and prototyping needs.


IMF & ASSEMBLY INC. (817) 337 4633

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